VIP Room Password Reset

On The Laptop Club homepage click on The VIP Room velvet rope picture. On the page that loads next click on “Lost your password?” under the login box. Enter your username or email address and click "Get New Password". Then wait a few moments and check your email. You will get an email with a message that says a password reset was requested. It will also have your username and a long URL link. Click that link and the VIP Room login page will open with a password already entered in the area under the text “New password”. Either copy that password down or enter a less complicated password in that area (not recommended since the long password is more secure) and click on "Reset Password”. Be sure you save the password exactly as it is entered in the text area. (Most computers will allow you to save the password/username in your browser.) Then you can click on the “Log in” link, enter the new password in the login area and enter The VIP Room. Have fun!