What the heck is Angela's Laptop Lounge?

The Laptop Lounge parties are party nights for TGs! We provide a place where we can party and have a good time with our friends, lovers, and admirers. You don't have to be TG to come to a party. Everyone who is well behaved and respectful of others is welcome to attend.

Whose idea was this?

Angela Gardner, a founding member of Renaissance, former executive director of Renaissance, and current editor of TGForum , decided to host a party in Philly 'cause she got tired of driving to New York for a TG-centric party experience. She is your hostess. Visit her Diva's Den to learn more about Angela.

Why is the site called TGatL2.TV?

L2 was a great little restaurant on South Street in Philadelphia. (It closed in 2013.) Angela loved the space on the second floor and started having her parties there in April of 2005. Since the party was at L2 it was called TG@L2. In December of 2005 the party moved to Shangrila in Devon and its name changed to Angela's Laptop Lounge. While L2 has been left behind the website remains tgatl2.tv since L2 is where the first parties took place.

What happens at a party?

There will always be a bar, music and cool people to hang with. People socialize and more often than not dancing ensues. Angela puts together a mix of old and new music but mainly strives for a good dancing beat. You're likely to hear everything from '60s and '70s hits to Disco from the '70s, House music from the '90s to the latest club hits.

Why do you call it The Laptop Lounge?

When the parties left L2 Angela found a place in the suburbs to hold the event. Since she had started playing music from her laptop computer (and she always loves a sexy sounding phrase) she decided to start calling the party Angela's Laptop Lounge. The name stuck and it's been The Laptop Lounge ever since.

Is There A Dress Code?

Dress sexy! Dress to impress! Take a look at the photos in our Gallery and see what the other girls have been wearing.

Can I change into my femme finery there?

Our parties start at ten and there may be a few "regular" customers left so we don't recommend using the ladies room till after 10:30 but if you are doing a quick change it's normally okay by then. The local Renaissance Chapter happens to meet on the same night as our third Saturday party and they are located in an office campus nearby. They do have a place where you can get changed. If you have never been to a Renaissance meeting they are fun and since many of the Renaissance members come to the Lounge after their meeting it may be a good idea for you to stop there to change and make some friends. They let newcomers attend their meeting for free and have a reasonable dues structure for returnees. Visit the Renaissance website for more info on the Greater Philadelphia Chapter.

If I attend a party will you put my picture in The Gallery?

If you don't tell us not to we will include your photo in the Gallery. If you don't want your photo seen just tell anyone that night who takes your picture that you don't want it on the web and we won't use it, or let me know that you don't want your photo uploaded and I will not use it.

What is this VIP Room?

The VIP Room is an area on The Laptop Lounge website that requires users to create a username and password in order to gain entry. Inside the VIP Room you'll find a social networking area where you can post a Profile, add your picture, ask other registered users to become friends, send messages to other users, and view more photos (a bit naughtier photos) that aren't available in the regular Gallery.

If you have any other questions send us an email and let us know.