Angela's Laptop Lounge - August 4, 2012
Pix by Angela and Jade

  • Vicky arrived early for dinner.
  • Val had sushi.
  • Sophie from the left.
  • Sophie from the right.
  • Charlotte and Sophie
  • Illumination Pixe Kaelin gets close to the glitter.
  • Door Diva Jade poses while Val is awed.
  • Hello, Kitty!
  • Jade's legs.
  • Victoria
  • Sharon in the middle.
  • It was Lisa's birthday.
  • Chuck says happy birthday to Lisa. How did he know? Maybe the banner.
  • Lynn and Carrie.
  • Lisa Empanada's entourage.
  • Angela taken by surprise.
  • Tia and Vicky
  • Val and Kaelin
  • Angela, Jade and Hello Kitty.
  • Danielle examines her lacing.
  • Una
  • Danielle
  • Allie
  • Sandy (R) and friend.
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