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C4 Productions Photo Policy: We know some folks are uncomfortable having their picture put on our website. While you're at the party if you don't want your picture taken please say so. Several photographers contribute their photos for The Gallery so if anyone wants to take your picture ask them if they are taking it for The Gallery. If your photo ends up on the site and you want it taken down email Angela (We request that you limit your requests to those around true concerns for privacy and security of your male persona.) If, on the other hand, you love the attention and want people to email you let us know and we will add your email address to the photo.

Tech Note: If you've gotten an email saying the photos from a party are in The Gallery then they are. If you can't see the link it means your browser is not loading the new page. Click your browser's Refresh button to reload the page and the link should be there. If that doesn't work check your help file for information on how to empty your browser's cache.